Part 3: Out with Features, in with Configuration Management

This article is part of a series called Drupal 8 Development Deconstructed about custom development with Drupal 8.

We're now going to create our Taxonomy Vocabulary.

No More Features

In Drupal 7, we used the Features module to export a wide variety of configuration structures, including Taxonomy Vocabulary structures. For Drupal 8, we can utilize components built right into Drupal Core to accomplish the same thing: Configuration Manager.

Drupal 8 Development, Part 1: Configuration Manager

This article is part of a series called Drupal 8 Development Deconstructed about custom development with Drupal 8.

Before we embark on developing our custom modules, let's take a minute to make a few changes to our Drupal development environment related to configuration management.

Drupal 8 Development Deconstructed

On November 19, 2015, the first officially supported version of Drupal 8 was released! Shortly after that point, there was a plethora of posts on writing Drupal 8 modules, most of them the infamous "Hello, World!" applications. Being a Drupal developer for several years, I eagerly scoured the Intertubes for information on module development with Drupal 8, reading everything I could get my hands on regarding Drupal 8 custom development.

Turning my new Intel NUCs into Jenkins slaves

So, I finally got a break from the long workdays to do a little tinkering with my new Intel NUCs, which I bought to configure a more robust CI environment on my network here at home. All three Intel NUCs are running Debian Jessie, and all are running with static IP addresses assigned on my Intranet here at the house.

Installing Debian Jessie on my new IntelNUC i5 / i7

I am setting up a couple of devices on my home intranet for development, testing and continuous integration. I have an Intel NUC i5 that I bought a couple of years ago with a 120GB SSD & 16G RAM that is currently running Debian Jessie and is set up as my Jenkins CI server. I decided to add a couple of additional Intel NUCs to the network: Another NUC i5 and a NUC i7, both configured with 500GB SSDs and 16G RAM. Unlike the first Intel NUC, these came with WiFi cards onboard.

AngularJS Cheat Sheets from

Are you, like me, interested in getting up to speed quickly on AngularJS? I am currently going through some of the video tutorials available at Some of these videos are available for free, and then there's a pay to learn subscription model on the site. They have video tutorials on a number of Javascript and Javascript frameworks and libraries, such as React, Node.js, AngularJS and more.

AngularJS and Drupal -- Retrospective on the project

So after posting my first attempt at melding AngularJS and Drupal, I decided to do a retrospective on some of the Angular aspects of my code, since my first post focused mainly on the refactoring aspects, most of which happened on the Drupal side.

Let's start with the template file.

AngularJS and Drupal -- My first melding attempt

After spending the weekend going through a rather excellent (I thought) video overview course on AngularJS, my head was spinning with the possibilities when it came to building Drupal sites that were much more responsive in terms of loading and displaying content. So, I decided to start working on some proof of concept modules that would help me better understand how to effectively meld these two tools together.

AngularJS and Drupal

I've decided to do a little project with AngularJS and Drupal where Drupal will serve primarily as a back-end server, and AngularJS will serve as the front-end framework. AngularJS is something that I've been wanting to dive into for a while now, and there's no time like the present. If I can wrap my head around making this work, I'll use this approach on one of my pet projects that I've been architecting for a few years now.